Game Of Thrones S04E02 *Spoilers*


So 1st off let me say… Ding Dong The King is dead.. The mean old king, the wicked king..ding dong the wicked king is dead!!

LOL, okay.. so now that I have did my happy dance… season 4 episode 2 has to be the most stunning episode yet.. Joffrey is dead.. It couldn’t of happened to a nicer guy! just didn’t expect it to happen so soon!! So now my question is.. Is Tywin king? cuse if he is, I have to say, that Tywin did it.. He is more evil than Joffrey.. He has the most to gain.. cuse now he is king.. he did say that he would never seen Casterly Rock again.. AND!! AND!! He killed two birds with one stone..  Killed Joffrey & framed Tyrion for the whole thing.

Now.. we did see Sir Dontos, attempt to grab Sansa and rush her away from the wedding..(Let my name have one more moment in the sun, before it disappears forever) Did he act alone? or was he paid by Tywin?? who else could have gained from Joffrey’s death!? His new queen? (My Love Come Back to me, its time for my fathers toast) Sansa? (Nahhhh, She definatly had the motive, but I don’t think she has it in her) I found Cersei’s reaction to the whole situation a little strange, she didn’t even shed one tear.. I checked.. I watched his death scene at least 4 times.. Varys had a strange look on his face the WHOLE time.. and they kept panning the camera over to him during the wedding… why him?? Soooo many suspects…

We all know Tyrion didn’t have anything to do with it.. I don’t think his mother would have killed him, just to remain Queen regent.. I have strong feelings Tywin has plans.. either to put himself on the throne… or maybe Jamie seeing that he no longer can do shit without his sword hand..  I guess we shall wait and see.. I know im going to have a hard time waiting for next sunday! I have to try really hard not to look up spoilers…

And to those who have read the books! Don’t you dare spoil it in the comments Open-mouthed smile

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So its been 4 months…


So yea im still alive, it has been almost 4 months since I have posted anything on my blog, but I have been really busy in real life, and well.. gaming is kinda lame right now.. I haven’t played Lotro but maybe 4-6 hours in the last 4 months.. Lost my houses.. again… LOL.. Not playing Neverwinter, Shroud of the Avatar has been kinda boring in alpha right now.. hoping that soon we will have more to do than run around and find chests, & Minecraft has just dropped off the radar.. there is not enough to do to keep my interest…. Waiting for games like, Everquest Landmark, Archeage & some of  the other “Sandbox” MMO’s to release..


But I have been playing a bit of Eldevin, and Ultima Online on Private servers.. Mostly Ultima Online Open-mouthed smile Eldevin is just something to pass time, Its SUPER grindy.. but it’s a world to explore.. and it has a lot of crafting, I loves me some crafting. Ultima Online’s custom housing system & crafting keeps drawing me back in.. It is the 1st MMO I have ever played, and no other game has filled that spot yet.


Have been watching a lot of Television and Movies too.. Loving The Walking Dead! WTF is up with that season finale! what a cliff hanger!! ugh!! 7 months until we get to see what happens! “I think Beth has been eaten by the cannibals” New Season of Game Of Thrones should stir up a few posts over the next few months as well.. Im about to start a marathon of GoT right now, Season 1 – Current!


But yea.. so more regular posts will be coming soon, I MAY dip back into Lotro.. we will see.. But definatly looking forward to some Sandbox MMO’s! Sick of the theme park crap.. that’s for sure. Ill post again soon and hoping by the middle/end of May ill be back to posting regularly again!

Thanks to those who are still around! Peace!

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Shroud Of The Avatar Videos Coming Soon!! #SotA


Hello Everyone,

Its finally here!! Lord British’s Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues Pre-Alpha! and to my surprise no NDA so I can share everything I experience with you! So, what will the up coming videos be covering? Seeing that this is Release 1 Pre-Alpha don’t expect too much, below is the things that are going to be tested, I will be covering some of this in a series of videos.. this stage of alpha is December 12 – December 14, 2013, so expect videos shortly after the 14th. PLEASE REMEMBER! everything you see in the upcoming videos are subject to change at anytime, and some of the things you will see, will not be complete, bugged, ect. So keep this in mind before passing judgment.

Being a former Ultima Online Fan, im looking forward to SotA, There are a lot of features that emulate Ultima Online to the point this feels like the release of Ultima Online 2. Open-mouthed smile


RELEASE 1: December 12 – December 14, 2013 (The below information are excerpts from the full Release 1 Pre Alpha Notes: To read full notes click here

  • Install / Patching system: Step one for you guys to play the game is for you to download the game and then patch the game. Since this is the first hands on impression of the product, it is critical.
  • Login / Registration: Players should be able to log in using their existing accounts and if they have not yet registered, they should be intuitively led to the steps to register. NOTE: To thoroughly test login we will be kicking everyone off periodically and making them log back in to stress the servers. We will do our best to broadcast in game prior to when we do this.
  • Character Creation: Players should be able to create and customize their character. Creation / Customization options for Release 1 will include: name, gender, head shape, skin tone, hair style, hair color, and eye color. NOTE: Character wipes will happen periodically prior to launch so name choice during these early releases is not final.
  • Single Player Online: All public releases prior to commercial launch will be online only. For Release 1 and 2, it will be constrained to single player online only.
  • First Town: Our first town, Owl’s Head will be open for exploration. This is important for testing purposes so we can better tune our performance metrics on real user machines. For Release 1, exiting the town will just funnel you back into the same town (anyone see Groundhog Day?)
  • Conversation: Important that players converse with the townsfolk so we can start expanding the dialog system. As you talk to NPCs, we will be tracking your conversations and using them to add more content based on your input.
  • Bag Inventory: This is a hot topic in the forums so we want to get it in your hands for feedback on preferences. Immersion vs. ease of use, let the battle begin!
  • Equipment: Players will be provided with several chests full of “ph@t lootz” (armor, clothes, weapons, etc.) for trying on for size.
  • House Claiming: Players will be able to select a house from the entire list of player houses (even Lord of the Manor!) for free so that we can test out the various size houses on the lots and allow players to test drive the various houses so they can have a better idea of which they ultimately want to own. NOTE: Character wipes will happen periodically prior to launch so lot choice during these early releases is not final.
  • House Decorating: Chests full of furniture and decorative items will be provided so you can stress test the decoration system and try out various styles of interiors. Help us figure out all the ways you can break things! (Look forward to screenshot contests on this!)
  • Metrics: All the while you are playing, we will be stress testing our metrics system. This system is critical to maintaining a balanced economy, tracking exploits, and gathering data to improve the experience.



  • Combat is turned off – will be enabled in Release 4
  • Crafting is turned off – will be enabled in Release 2
  • Female Avatars can equip cloaks but they have no visuals
  • Changing the house on a lot will clear out and delete currently placed decorations, there is a warning that will ask before clearing.
  • The map will reset upon entering/leaving Owl’s Head (either through quitting or returning to login)
  • Not all items are interact-able at this time (most notably the majority of items in NPC housing is currently locked in place)
  • Some doors are only opened by using a switch (sometimes hidden)- currently there isn’t yet a visual accompanying a locked door, but there is a locked door sound that will play when attempting to open
  • Some staircases and ramps will allow the player to walk off the sides, placing the player instantly on the ground
  • If the Avatar is idle for an extended period of time (roughly 30 minutes or so) the game will auto-logout. In the future this may be accompanied by an idle warning msg.


  • Dialogue is still in an early state and conversations are still being fleshed out – responses are still somewhat limited. We are logging player interactions and Release 2 will see considerable improvement.
  • Line of sight for non-player characters is not implemented for Release 1 so you will be occasionally greeted by a character through a wall.

Here is a few videos made by the dev’s, just in case you have missed them, for more information on the game, and to preorder: Click here

Shroud of the Avatar: 3 month progress video


Shroud of the Avatar: 6 month progress video


Richard ‘Lord British’ Garriot Details Shroud of the Avatar Game Modes


Shroud of the Avatar House Decoration Demo


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#Lotro Northdowns Slayer Deed Guide: Troll Slayer


And here it is, the last video in the Northdowns Slayer Deed Guide Series. Now due to Lotro client giving me problems as of late, I have no choice but to take a break from the Slayer Deed Guide, until the client issues are resolved.. Im hoping it wont be long, but unfortunately it makes it hard to record when my client is frequently “Not Responding” as soon as this issue if fixed i will be heading off to Evendim & Forochel, not sure wich i will do 1st, but if you follow me on Twitter you will get instant updates on what is going on! Twitter @doug200463

Thanks for Watching! Please Like and Subscribe! and I’ll see ya in game!

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#Minecraft Survival Series Episode 7 …Walkers!!!

Hello again folks! In this episode we use an X-ray machine to look for spawners! Thanks to Dataless822 for the portable X-ray machine idea! Thanks for watching and please like and subscribe! Peace!

Dataless822’s Channel:

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#Lotro Northdowns Slayer Deed Guide: Warg Slayer

In this episode we head into the northern fields of the Northdowns to track down some Wargs for the Warg Slayer Deed! Please remember to like and subscribe & follow on twitter @doug200463

The Final Video for the Northdowns Slayer Deed Guide will be coming early next week! Then we are off to a new zone! Thanks for watching! and Ill see you in game!

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The #Minecraft Archive 1.7.2 Redstone Christmas Tree Tutorial

In this episode i show you how to build the redstone powered christmas tree! its a long one, clocking in at just under 50 minutes.. hope you all get some use of out it! and build your own enormous christmas tree!

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