Instance Video Guide Update *(9/13)

13 Sep



*Updated as of (9/13)

Did a minor update to the “Instance Video Guide” The Following videos were added:

Angmar, The Rift (of Nûrz Gháshu)

Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5Part 6Part 7The Balrog Thaurlach

Moria, Halls of Crafting


Alternate Video For The Vile Maw (Watcher)

Alternate Video

Added New Raid:

Nornuan (Turtle Raid)

Breaching the Necromancer’s Gate Skirmish

Added All Nine Boss Encounters

AgardurFiringulMorgurAnnonielLavalugGrishglokThrangundGortagMurukFinal Boss: Doraz

Added New Video: Ford of Bruinen Skirmish

Part 1Part 2


Other Updates:

The Skirmish section now reflects the f2p model when it comes to minimum and maximum levels for each skirmish. Cleaned up the tables a bit to make it look more organized. The Solo Instance section has been updated to show maps to the locations of the quests that start these instances.  I also added links to the rewards for some of the Solo Instances, all reward links lead to lotrowiki.


I am still seeking videos to add to this list, if you like to make videos please take a dungeon from the list and make a video, upload it to Youtube, and send the link to:

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