Screen Shot Contest Winner!

17 Sep

Congratulations to Ranna Dylin for winning the 10g screenshot contest, I wanted a screenshot that made me go WOW and this screenshot does it. Click the image for full size.


Hi there!

This is RannaDylin on Twitter & My.LOTRO, and here is my screenshot contest entry!

My favorite place: The Hall of Fire in the Last Homely House. Is there anywhere in Middle-earth that so beautifully combines a place of rest with a place of merriment. My Lore-masters, Lennidhren of Landroval and Linett of Nimrodel, tremble with excitement to think of how many tales a visitor to that hall might hear. And the glory and beauty that the Elf-ruins scattered throughout Eregion only suggest is full-grown and flourishing in the Hall of Fire’s tiled floors and ceilings, mosaic’ed walls, flowing tapestries and stained glass windows full of light. Lennidhren loves to dance, and where better to practice her steps than there by those windows, with the light’s many colors falling upon her dress, or in front of the great fire, basking in its rosy light and warmth? As I took the picture, a wandering minstrel (player character whose name I didn’t catch, UI being off!) was strumming a tune within her hearing, bringing back memories of when Ales and Tales was held here in the Hall of Fire – my favorite week of that long-running event.

So, you didn’t actually ask for the 1000 words to go with the picture, but there you have it – Lennidhren dancing in the Hall of Fire in the light of the stained-glass windows, my favorite place in LOTRO!

Ranna Dylin

As for 2nd and 3rd place I have decided to award a set of armor to each person who entered, since all the screenshots i received were great. Click on any of these images to enlarge.



Maur Tauvil, the hobbit town in Enedwraith 🙂 Go to the mayor and look upwards and you would see the tower.



This is a SS of me standing on the beacon just north-west of EsteldĂ­n.
I actually find the place beautiful, and an interesting view I bet
most people never noticed.  I dont think i have ever found this in North Downs, i will have to go look!



Screenshot Location: The Shire, Waymeet to be specific. I spent a LOT of time crafting here, and love the earthy feel of the Hobbit areas. I cannot agree more with Lunetta, i have spent many of hours infront of this very same camp fire, awesome place.



…with his amazing panoramic screenshot of Eregion (i think) It was hard to choose between this screen and Ranna’s.



Just a quiet place…A great example of the water effects in Lotro.

I will be emailing all the entries with instructions on how to claim your prize. So make sure to check your email frequently. Thanks to everyone who participated.

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