Just a heads up!

25 Sep

Well one good thing about switching back to my old wordpress blog, I can track page views and according to the bar graph, a lot of you are still subscribed! Thanks for hanging around! …anyways on to the reason for this post, Im going to be making a lot of posts over the next few days, getting the slayer deed guide videos listed here. So sorry for the spam, But it shouldn’t take me but a few days. After I have moved everything over here, My Middle-earth Network blog will be used as a launch pad for my websites, Facebook, Twitter, This Blog, Flickr & any future sites I may create!

Why the switch you may ask? Its pretty simple.. 1 is storage, I get 3 gigs of storage here, M.E.N only gives me 25 megabytes, 2 is the restrictions to embedded code that M.E.N as recently implemented.. it makes it very hard for me to post my videos.. so to save a bunch of head-aches.. I decided to move back here. Other than those reasons, M.E.N is still a great site for “Normal” blogs, But since my blog is “Video” heavy, it only made sense to move.

Thanks again for sticking with me!


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Posted by on September 25, 2012 in General News


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