LOTRO: Shire Slayer Deed Guide: Harvest-fly Slayer

25 Sep

Hey guys!! This is the last video in the Shire Slayer Deed Guide… Where would you like me to go next!? please like and leave a comment on which zone i should start on next.. I own all the zones so i can go anywhere! So give me some input! Thanks!

Best Place To Farm Harvest-Flies For The Shire Slayer Deed, please be sure to like and subscribe! More Slayer Deed Locations coming soon!

Im working with new software so things will get better as a create new videos!

If you would like to contact me you can do so here on YouTube, or you can IM me on Yahoo Instant Messenger @ the following IMname: doug200463, when sending an invite please send a note saying you seen my videos on Youtube, or you will not be accepted! ALSO! Twitter! Follow me yo! @MiddleErthChron DO EET! -Thanks

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Posted by on September 25, 2012 in Lotro: Shire Deeds


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