How the noob falls…

26 Sep


Soo I was running errands today and I received a call from my sister, when I hang up the phone I noticed I was at 92 subs! I was excited cuse I was getting close to giving away this LOTRO Mithril Edition Box sitting here on my desk, I also seen I had multiple emails, so I browsed over to check them, and while I was waiting for the page to load, my phone went nuts, new mail, new mail, new mail.. 10+ mails in about 10 minutes.. so after my phone stopped freaking out, I went to my email account, and seen that 10+ new people had subscribed to my YouTube channel in under 10 minutes, and it listed them with no name, just “a New User”. This looked fishy to me, so I checked how much time was in between each email, and it was just about 1 minute between each one.. consistently… even more fishy… to make a long story short, I get home and sit down, surf over to my email and the “a new user” account has a link to each account so I make note on paper of each account, then head to my YouTube channel, and I have this message in my inbox(and im not going to use his name, ill explain why later)

“Hi, We got 100 subs , time to roll!”

When I saw this message I knew this was the newb who made all the accounts, so I replied:

“Well unfortunately “Someone” created 10+ accounts in a matter of 10+ minutes this afternoon, I can track subs in real time on my phone, its obvious that someone was creating these accounts to cheat.. because the time in-between subscriptions is very close on all of them.. so those do not count.” (Remember I only wrote this because I had a very good feeling that this was the guy who made the accounts to cheat)

about 15 minutes later he replies with this:

“Man… I’ve spent an afternoon raising your subs to 100.
So all my work was a waste of time????
By the way, can I take part with this account which (as you see ) wasn’t created for sub-raising?”

LOL.. some people.. anyways, I told him if he unsubbed all the fake accounts he made (and I know wich ones, cuse the emails I received from youtube, link to the accounts) I would let him enter with his legit account. (hence the reason im not using his real name)

This is just an example of how im keeping track of this contest if you subscribed, but didn’t follow on Facebook or Twitter, and I pull your name.. you wont win. SO make sure your on one or the other! Im also keeping track of who has subscribed so after the contest is over, when some of you (and I know some of you will) un-sub.. you will be blocked from any future contests on my site.

Anyways, yes I know im at 100 subs, but no its not legit.. if the newb & his 10+ accounts doesn’t un-sub the accounts by friday, I will put him and his accounts on the no more contests list, and pick a winner from who ever is on my sub list.

Thanks for watching Guys & Gals!

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