New LOTRO Expansion.. An Unexpected Journey

02 Oct


No this is not an official expansion announcement, but more of an idea that I think Turbine would benefit from if they implemented something like this. With the Hobbit movies just around the corner I really think Turbine would be stupid to not take advantage of this idea.. after all, now that Warner Brothers now owns Turbine.. there is nothing stopping them. So what is this idea I speak of? An expansion to LOTRO that is based on the Hobbit story line! …Well that’s impossible you say? The story of the Hobbit took place many years before the current timeline we play in.. BUT if Turbine implemented it right, it could easily be done. Here is one example that came to me as I was listening to the latest “Contains Moderate Peril” Podcast, where they were talking about “Hobbit” related video games. (You can find that podcast here: )

Many of you former World Of Warcraft Players probably remember the Burning Crusade expansion feature called “The Caverns Of Time” which allowed players to step back in time to experience a part of the storyline that happened years before the current world in which we played W.O.W today.  Turbine could very easily do this very same thing, but instead of having us go back in time, We head to Rivendell and speak to Mr. Baggins himself, and he offers you a quest. This quest could be to sit down and listen to Bilbo tell the story of his “Unexpected Journey”. Once this quest was accepted you would be wooshed off to Northern Mirkwood, and be able to play a quest line similar to the Epic quest line we play today in Lotro today, That takes our characters on the adventures portrayed in “The Hobbit”

I really feel that something like this released during the lifespan of the 3 movies being released, would increase the LOTRO player base, Increase the popularity of the game, and put a lot more money in Turbines pockets’s.

I would really love to see a Hobbit themed expansion in Lotro, even if its just a Enedwaith/Great River style addition to the game. It would be fun, and I would bet money that (if implemented right) the Lotro community would eat it up!

What do you think? Would you buy a “Hobbit” themed expansion for Lotro? Leave me a comment with your ideas, and thanks for reading!


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2 responses to “New LOTRO Expansion.. An Unexpected Journey

  1. Roger Edwards (@ModeratePeril)

    October 3, 2012 at 4:12 am

    There is no doubt that Turbine could create some Hobbit based content and neatly integrate it into LOTRO using the session play mechanic. The writing team have demonstrated their competence with the lore time and time again, so I don’t think there would be any problem logistically speaking.

    However, I think the real issue is the complexity of the licensing system which is not as straight forward as some would think. I would also hazard a guess that the cost involved may also be prohibitive.

    Therefore, I don’t think we are likely to see any meaningful Hobbit based content in LOTRO which is a shame.


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