Mounted Combat: Warband Bughrakh

29 Nov

In this video I demonstrate how I take down the Warband Bughrakh. Bughrakh is a level 77 Elite Master, and he has 4 normal level 77 archers patrolling with him. 1st off I run in and lay a bleed on Bughrakh, then I take down his archers. After each archer Ill re-apply the bleed on Bughrakh, I dont really do this to do damage, but more to make my mark on him just in case someone else comes by and drags him away, while Im trying to take care of his minions. When taking down the archers i try to stay out of their range, to minimize the damage I take, as you can see, at the beginning they take me down past 1/2 health quite quickly!

Hope this video helps you out! You can find Bughrakh and his minions patrolling outside the eastern gate of Floodwend in The Wold, Rohan. Thanks for watching and please remember to like and subscribe! It really is the best way to show your support!

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