Hello Virtual World Explorers

13 Sep


I have come to a conclusion that blogging is a seasonal thing for me, during the spring and summer the last thing I want to do is sit in front of my computer all day, Yes I still play games, but I do not want to spend more of my time writing in a blog.. at least not as often.. so with that said, IM BACK! Open-mouthed smile

Its Autumn in my corner of the world, leaves are beginning to fall, and temperatures are starting to drop.. and I find myself spending more time indoors, and finding myself getting bored far to often.. so here I am writing again! Open-mouthed smile Sometimes I will post, and sometimes I wont, Much like some of the other blogs I follow like: DocHolidays MMO blog @ & Clarysta Sunshine’s (That’s what C Said) Lotro Blog @

I do this because sometimes I enjoy it, sometimes I just don’t have time, and sometimes I just don’t want to, and I find when it becomes something that I “Have” to do, I want to do it less. Im by no means a professional writer, my grammar sucks, my punctuation is sometimes wrong, and my structure is somewhat outta wack! But I need a place to speak my mind, I find that social media sites like Facebook & Twitter just don’t cut it alone.. when I speak my mind on Facebook, I get banned from their site (Hello Lotro, Im talking about you!) and Twitter, well, 140 characters just isn’t enough.

As you can see, this site is no longer going to be called Middle-earth Chronicles, the url will be the same, the twitter account will be the same, but the name has changed to Virtual World Chronicles.. This blog used to be mostly a Lord of the Rings online blog, but since the change Warner Bros. has made with Turbine and the game, I have found myself playing many other games, and not just LOTRO, yes, ill still post stuff concerning Lotro, but I will covering my adventures in many other games as well.

So since I left LOTRO about 6-7 months ago due to the lack of customer service concerning Mounted Combat, I have reached the level cap in Guild Wars 2, The much anticipated Neverwinter let me down, with there extreme focus on Pay to Win.. I have messed around with The Secret World, Star Trek Online, SWTOR, Defiance, and even ventured outside the realm of MMO’s and started playing The Witcher & Skyrim. But with the current fix to Mounted Combat, im back playing Lotro again.. what can I say, im a sucker for Middle-earth & anything Tolkien.

So yea.. hopefully some of you are still out there, I see in my dashboard that I still get a few visits now and then, so im guessing some of you have stuck around.. and I thank you for that! If your reading  this, please let me know, positive or not.. I would love to hear from you!


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