The Grind to a Free Helms Deep Quest Pack

18 Sep


So for those of you who don’t follow me on twitter, I have decided to grind the Turbine points needed to purchase my copy of the Helms Deep Quest pack, (notice I did not say expansion) I personally feel that the new content coming to Lotro is not worth the 40$ they are asking, since its not a true expansion. No instance cluster is fine with me, as I do not raid or do dungeons, but the fact that they are charging a full expac price for what is more or less a quest pack, really erks me. If they offered a 20-25$ pack with no TP and no Pre-order goodies, I would have purchased without any resistance.. but  that doesn’t look like its going to happen.

I started this quest with around 600 tp that I has accumulated in various ways, no cash, and now I have reached 1717 Turbine Points. I figure that the Helms Deep quest pack shouldn’t cost more than 4500 TP, and if I did the math right, I should only have to do the 12 deeds, 18 times to bring me to 4500tp… 18 times.. in 2 months.. to me that’s an easy task!


The system that im using is pretty simple, I use 2 accounts, my 2nd account has a level 30 Hobbit hunter, which gives me a run speed increase, and ports to speed up the process. I create a new character on my main account, level it through the noobie instance and come into the “real” world at level 6. That character then auto follows the level 30 hunter on my second account, and I run around the world completing the 30/60 slayer deeds in the 3 starter zones..(The Shire, Ered Luin & Bree-land) the level 30 can pretty much one/two shot everything, so the deeds complete quickly! After I complete these deeds, I delete the character on my main account, and make a new one, and repeat the process. Pretty simple.. very grindy, but effective. I have been thinking of adding in a few of the explorer deeds that I pick up along the way, to net even more Turbine Points, I need to sit down and do some cartography work, and plot a course to see if the extra running would be beneficial.

I will be doing a more complex write up here on my blog after I have fine tuned the process I use.. with maps and video instructions for those who are interested. So stay tuned to the blog & follow me on twitter.. (@doug200463) but for now, its sleep time.. will be picking up where I left off tomorrow.. Safe Travels Middle-earthlings! See you in game.

If you would like to follow me along in game I play on the Landroval server, Sambingals is the toon im running on, feel free to hop in game and tag along! And dont forget to check out the guide i created explaining in detail how I grind my points:

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