Minecraft Series: EverCast Minecraft Server

07 Oct

Hello again, Virtual World Explorers, I have decided that in between Turbine Point grind sessions, I would do a little building on the EverCast Minecraft Server. The folks over at EverCast started this server up so that people can log in and hone their block building skills in preparation for the release of Everquest Next Landmark coming this winter.

I’m not sure what to build, so I’m asking you guys for some idea’s I can build anything I want as long as it stays in the fantasy genre. I can build a castle, a mage tower, or whatever.. so hit me up in the comments below, and let me know what you would like to see me build. Thanks for watching & See you in game!

EverCast Show On Youtube

Server Details: Server IP: anyone can log in and build, all you have to do is login, and contact an admin to get yourself a plot to build on, its in creative mode at the moment, not sure if that will be changing. Kalbuir is one of the hosts of EverCast you can find his website at stop by sign up for the forums and say hello! They are a great bunch of folks!

More Information on Everquest Next Landmark & Everquest Next:

EverQuest Next Worldwide Debut: Part 1: Link to YouTube

EverQuest Next Worldwide Debut: Part 2: Link To YouTube


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