Minecraft Update #3 Mead Hall Complete!

20 Oct

The Mead Hall is complete, for those of you who play Lord Of The Rings Online, you will notice that its heavily inspired by the Mead Hall in Cliving, Rohan.. (Riders Of Rohan Expansion) Unfortunately I do not have enough hard drive space to do videos of my actually building.. so I have to do these update videos.. maybe that will change in the future. But for now, enjoy the tour of the Mead Hall, on the Evercast Minecraft Server!

For those of you who do not play Lotro, here is a screen shot of the Mead Hall in Cliving, Rohan. You can click the image for a full size shot!

Mead Hall Lotro

Thanks everyone for watching! if you would like to come play and build with me in Minecraft feel free, still lots of room here on the server, most of the time im building by myself!

Evercast Minecraft Server Information

Server IP:

Anyone can log in and build, just login, and ask an Admin for a plot and your ready! Thanks for watching guys, please make sure to like and subscribe, follow on Twitter and all that goodness! Peace!

Music in this video:

LOTRO: Riders of Rohan Soundtrack – 03 Urgent Errands (Via YouTube)

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