Lotro: Trollshaws Slayer Deed Guide: Worm & Crawler

01 Nov


Video #2 for today! We are back in the Trollshaws, this is a much longer video, but it covers 2 deeds, Worm Slayer & Crawler slayer.. some of the areas we visit in this video have both Crawlers & Worms so I didn’t see any reason to record separate videos for each deed. I decided this 1/2 way through the recording of crawler slayer, that’s why you’ll not hear me mention Worms till about 1/2  through the video Open-mouthed smile Enjoy the video folks! and thanks for watching! Cya in game!

Oh and you’ll notice I start to sound like I’m talking through my nose.. I didn’t notice that it was so bad until I had recorded all of Trollshaws & Northdowns.. and I’m not re-recording Open-mouthed smile so poke fun if you want! Open-mouthed smile

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