Minecraft Update #6 Upgrading the town, to a city!

03 Nov


So I know I said that the town was complete, and well, it is.. but now I will be upgrading it to city status.. with higher class buildings, a protective wall, and most of all, a castle! I have obtained more hard drive space, and will be doing a test run of a “Come watch me build” style video. Ill record my next play session, and see how large it will be, and go from there.. so stay tuned! and please like & subscribe! Thanks for watching!

This new undertaking is a massive one, that I hope to complete.. by the time this build is done, im hoping that we will be playing EverQuest Landmark.. we only have 2 months left of this year.. and they said we will be playing it by the end of the year.. so we shall see.. I hope to at least be in beta! Open-mouthed smile 

EverCast Minecraft Server Info: Scroll down to the bottom of the post! Hope to see you in game!

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Posted by on November 3, 2013 in Minecraft


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