The Minecraft Archive Episode #7

10 Nov


The Minecraft Update Series will now be referred to as, The Minecraft Archive! In this episode I take you on a tour of the town at night, and show you current progress on the upgrade from a town, to a city.

This will be a temporary series here on my channel, As much as I love playing Minecraft, once my city is complete I will no longer be doing creative build videos anymore… The reason behind this is simple.. Everquest Next Landmark releases very soon, and for those of you who do not know.. EQNext Landmark is A LOT like Minecraft, with much more flexibility and features. When Landmark Launches, Minecraft will be used as a sort of test server in a way.. if I want to plan out a build for Landmark, I will use Minecraft to do so.. I suppose I may upload these test builds to this playlist now and then, but not until the build is live, and complete on the Landmark Servers. So episodes will not be regular.. and could be months in between releases.

I will most likely continue my Minecraft Survival Series.. depending on time, this series will also be a temporary series tho.. once I have killed Wither & Ender Dragon.. the series will end, unless they add new objectives to the game.

So enjoy the series while it is here, If you love my Minecraft Series, and checking out my builds, then I know youll love the Landmark series.. if you want to learn more about EverQuest Next Landmark you can visit their site here:

And also, if you LOVE Minecraft, Im guessing your going to LOVE EQNext Landmark! take a moment and watch these videos.. because I think you will be blown away at what these guys are doing! I know I was!


Thanks as always for watching!

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Posted by on November 10, 2013 in Minecraft


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