1st Impression Thoughts on LOTRO: Helm’s Deep, Part 1, Classes.

26 Nov


Like some of you I have been waiting for Rohan from the very 1st moment I logged into Lord Of The Rings Online. Back when I was a lil newbie hunter (2007), I ran to the Shire to see Bag End, Then to Bree to have an ale at the Prancing Pony.. Then I tried to run to Rivendell and quickly found out that it was no easy task. Then I got my 1st Hunter Swift travel, and wondered, “How many more ports does the hunter get” so I asked in Regional in Bree for assistance getting to Rivendell, and some kindly hunter helped me find my way. When we arrived at the Last Homely House, I asked the hunter.. can you port me to Rohan? And with a frown, she said that Rohan has yet to be added to the game.. I was a bit upset.. but accepted it.. and moved on..  Now, 5 years later we start to get a glimpse of Rohan with “The Great River” addon.. I was so excited to be entering Rohan I couldn’t contain myself. Turbine said that they wanted to get Rohan, “Right” they wanted to make it an epic experience. (Not a quote, but this was the message I got from what they said)

So what happened!?!?….

Im very sad to say, that Rohan isn’t “Right” and its defiantly not an Epic experience.. Riders of Rohan, & Helms Deep has to be the most unexciting, unrewarding, uninteresting, & underwhelming expansion yet.. It “Looks” amazing.. Mounted combat is probably the best version of the system I have seen in any game, if it worked properly 100% of the time.. being dismounted by puddle’s.. Laggy-ness.. Rubber-banding.. ect.. really put a damper on the whole experience.. RoR pushed back a few weeks to make sure everything was “Right” just to log in to numerous bugs, and a unplayable Mounted Combat system.. Debacle #1.. Then we get to the release of Helms Deep, Debacle #2.. Power outage on the eve of expansion release.. im sorry.. you may have had no power, but it sure was a coincidence that it happen at release? and then took 12 hours to get it back up and running “AFTER” the power came back on.. 0.o I have to wonder if there was more going on behind the scene’s than Turbine let on. Oh and lets not forget about the Rise of Isengard, Instance Cluster debacle as well.. but we wont go into details on that today.. Its really getting frustrating that every time we get a new expansion, there is a debacle that comes along with it..

So, now that I have that off my chest, lets move on to the Helm’s Deep expansion and go into more detail.. from my point of view.

The Female Hobbit Walk Animation: I let the video tell the tale

This video has quickly became one of the most watched videos on my channel, in the short time it has been up.. thanks to everyone who shared, commented, liked, and watched this video..


Now lets talk about classes. Im only going to cover the classes I play, which are The Hunter, The Minstrel & The Captain. I have no idea what has happened to the other classes, but I’m sure similar things have happened to them, because the changes to the 3 classes I play tend to be along the same path.

The Hunter: My Current Main as of Riders Of Rohan:


When I heard they were taking what a hunter was, and splitting it up between 3 trees, I lost all hope for my hunter. The difference between a Huntard and a Hunter is defined simply. A Huntard is a Pew Pew, look at me do damage type player, totally ignores the battle and does his best to hit high numbers in DPS w/o any care of what is going on around him.. a Hunter plays his class to its fullest extent he evaluates the battle, does his pew pew, protects the healer with traps & other forms of CC, he also keeps an eye out for poisoned raid members and cleanses their aliments quickly. So we covered 3 things that a Hunter does, Cleansing, Crowd Control & DPS.. now we cant do but one at a time, effectively.. because these three things have been split into three separate trees. The hunter has become a restricted, border-lined boring class to play, since you can no longer control the flow of battle. Now its not as bad as things may seem.. The Red Line does some pretty good damage at long range. The Yellow line (Or The Trapper Of Foes Line) focuses on sustained damage & trapping, and the Blue line kind of feels like an in between Red/Yellow Line, it offers a 25% OOC Run Speed Increase, and is classified as a Mobile Harassing Hunter…… oh kay…. In my honest opinion the Red line is closest to what a hunter used to be, minus the self heals that seem to be gone completely . Some of the new animations with the hunter really bother me, one is the bow draw animation in the blue line.. I have never seen anyone draw a bow like that, and im a RL hunter of 20+ years. When cruising along at 25% run speed increase there seems to be a bit of a glitch in the animation as well.. also GIVE ME BACK MY QUICK TRAPS! They removed the consumable item traps and made some of them skills.. take that crafters.. as if the store doesn’t already steal business from crafters enough already. In general, the changes to the hunter are not as bad as I expected, The Red Line is my line of choice.. I don’t have any real traps to speak of, but I still have my bards arrow, thank god.. so I will be leveling my hunter,  whether or not she will continue to be my main, is still on the table.

The Minstrel: In the lead for becoming my new main.


Now on to the Minstrel.. The Red Line, as you should expect with most classes is delivering more DPS than ever before, even in the yellow line, which is a kind of blend of the Red & Blue lines, its doing more DPS than the Mini has done before Helms Deep.. They removed the anthem that gives a Heal over time.. not sure if its in the Blue line or not, as I have concentrated on the Red and Yellow lines and haven’t had the opportunity to heal a group situation to test out Blue (Which is the healing spec) With that HOT missing, I have been noticing some survival issues at level 70-75.. unsure past that as I am currently at 75. I have been playing this toon exclusively for about 2 months, even more so since the 100% XP boost we had for a month, been leveling with a friend (Warden) as long as he is holding aggro.. survival is not an issue.. but if I solo, and I pull more than one mob, I’m healing my butt off.. and this wasn’t the case Pre-HD. Personal heals in Dissonance Stance (War Speech) are terrible, in my opinion these person heals should be strong, like they were before HD, we cannot use them on other still, but my biggest heal only does less than a 1/4 of my health.. which makes solo’ing hard. So in general, the survival issue is really bothering me, if I wasn’t leveling with a friend, I wouldn’t be playing the the Minstrel at all.. too many headaches. But im managing.. its not as bad as it could have been.



The changes to the Captain have really revitalized the class for me, The Red Line delivers some very good damage, compared to Pre-HD.. Some think that the spirit of what the Captain was/is has been lost, and that may very well be true, but this re-incarnation of the class has really peaked my interest, I have yet to try the Blue or Yellow lines as I am have way too much fun blowing shit up in the Red Line! I’m am looking forward to checking out the other lines in the future, But right now, when I’m playing solo.. I’m playing the Captain.. followed by the Hunter. I have to say this tho, and this really doesn’t have much to do with Helms Deep, being a Riders Of Rohan feature.. Mounted Combat is pretty boring at the moment, I’m guessing once I get the steed leveled and points spent in tree’s it will get better.. but its nothing like my Hunter or my Minstrel at all.. In general I have to give Turbine kudos for buffing the Captain.. and re-imagining the class all together.. it’s a very welcome breath of fresh air, as I have been leveling my cappy since 2008-2009 and it has been a slow, painful journey up till now!

Classes In General: Turbine… don’t you even think of nerf-ing any class!

One thing I have to say is it looks as tho most classes are experiencing a feel of OP-ness.. (Over Powered-ness) this could be a mis-calculation on Turbines part, or it could be working as intended, which I hope the latter is the case.. but.. and this is a big ole BUT! Turbine… don’t you even think of nerf-ing these classes.. this would be the final straw for me.. The new found power of my classes has restored some of the interest in leveling again, the loss of that, would mean my complete loss in interest of your game. I rant a lot about LotRO alot, as those of you who follow me on twitter, know well.. that’s because I love this game, and in my opinion Turbine & WB is destroying what this game was.. its starting to feel like, just another theme park MMO, when it used to be set apart from all games in the genre.. Helm’s Deep is the 1st expansion I didn’t pre-order.. I spent a month at 2-3 hours per day grinding Turbine points to buy it (want to see how I did it CLICK HERE!) and im glad I did, because if I had paid 40-100$ for this expansion, I probably would have quit.. but its nice to be able to spend time earning expansions, then spending cash.. its really the only thing that keeps me playing the game.


Okay so I have already wrote a damn book, I bet this has to be my longest blog post ever.. so im going to split it up into two parts, as I would like to hop in game today and play Open-mouthed smile and not write all day, the next impressions post will come in about a week, and it will cover Helm’s Deep in general.. as I have only played up to the part where Gandalf saves Theoden from the clutches of Grimma in the epic line. This week I will spend more time playing in West Rohan, and if I can stomach it.. I will try the new EPIC BATTLES (Skirmishes with new features) that’s replacing traditional dungeons in the expansion, I have zero interest in these new Epic Battles.. it’s a gimmick im my opinion.. and a terrible implementation of the Battle of Helms Deep.. but we will go into that more in the next post! Sorry it wasn’t a video, but editing became a pain, and my editor kept crashing.. so its becoming a blog post instead!

Thanks as always for watching my videos and reading my blog! I hope you get something from visisting my site, because I do it for the people who follow me.. and for fun as well! but it wouldn’t be fun, if no one was reading/watching! Thanks again! …and I will see you in game!

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