Hullo! Middle-Earthlings!!

13 Feb


With the recent news of Lord of the Rings Online and Dungeons & Dragons Online being acquired by Standing Stone Games, My drive to play Lotro has been renewed. It feels great to be back in game, and I’m looking forward to what the future “May” bring. I’m hoping that the quality that has been lost since the free to play launch will be returning.

With that said, Lets talk about what will be returning here at Virtual World Chronicles! 1st off, I will be continuing the popular Slayer Deed Guide, Video series. I already have the following zones completed:

Lotro: Bree-land Deeds, Lotro: Ered Luin Deeds, Lotro: Lone-lands Deeds, Lotro: Shire Deeds, & Lotro: Trollshaws Deeds.

The series will continue with all the pre-level 50 zones, once those are complete we will continue with Moria and onwards.. I’m looking forward to creating this series again, it gives me the opportunity to explore Middle-Earth, and sometimes find things I may have missed in the 9 years I have been playing.

The Lotro: Into The Wild series will also be coming back, In a new form.. This series will be mostly for new players, and will be called, Things to do in Lotro, Daily Quests, Crafting Instances, Skirmishes & More. Things veteran players may have forgotten about, and new players can discover.

I will also be working on updating the Daily/Repeatable Quest List. This quest list will be ideal for those working on reputation, or just looking to find something to do outside the norm.

You can find all my video series over at my Youtube Page.

You can also follow me on Twitter @doug200463 New videos will be announced via twitter as soon as they become available. Thanks for stopping by, and a Big Thank You! to those of you who have stuck around during my absence.

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