Lotro Slayer Deed Grind Episode #1

23 Feb


As some of you may already know, I purchased the Gift Of The Valar to jump my Minstrel to level 95 so i could skip Rohan.. I’ve wait for years for Rohan to be released, and love the zones, but im sick and tired of Mounted Combat. I purchased the 2995LP version of the Gift Of The Valar and to my surprise I got a lot more than just a boost to level 95, mounts, gear, XP boosts & more.. and now I’m playing in Gondor and having fun again on my Minstrel without having to mess with Rohan. !YaY!


I’m enjoying it so much that I have decided that I’m going bring more of my characters up to level 95, Starting with my Captain. But, this time instead of out right buying the Lotro Points needed to purchase the Gift Of The Valar, I’m going to grind it out myself doing deeds. Those of you new to the blog may not have seen my post on how I grind out my LP. (Or Lotro Points) Here is a link to that guide here on this blog:

I had intended to add a video series showing you how to do this as well, But the game has changed a year or two ago to the point where I lost interest in the game and moved on to play others. Now that Lotro is under new management, my drive to play has been revitalized and it only makes sense to me to continue where I left off making videos!

So finally! its here.. The video series that will accompany the blog post, I’ve noticed the some of the deeds have changed, so bear with me as I re-learn the system, I will make mistakes, and please point them out in the comments so others don’t get confused. As always, thanks for watching! Please Like, Subscribe to the blog and my YouTube channel, I do this for fun, and not to make money, So I hope you enjoy!

If you are using Google Chrome, the above video may not show because Google is dumb, and stopped supporting Java, You can use this link to watch it on my YouTube channel Instead.

Cya In Game!!

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