Lotro: Evendim Slayer Deed Guide, Gauradan-slayer Episode 1

26 Feb


Folk tales have long spoken of werewolves stalking the night — but now that you have met the Gauredain, you suspect you know more of the truth of these tales. If they are Men, then they are only barely so. They are greater than most Men in stature, yet hunched over and using only primitive tools and speech and often dressing in the skins of wolves. (The Gauredain seem unremittingly hostile to the Free Peoples of the West. Whether they are in league with the Dark Lord is difficult to say, but you have defeated many of them despite their unusual strength and animal-cunning.) Lore Curtesy of Lotro Wiki:




Welcome to episode 1/5 of the Evendim Slayer Deed Guide. In this episode your guide Elahndria of Landroval takes you into the Northern Mountains of Evendim also known as Northern Emyn Uial, and shows you the best place I have found to grind out your Gauradan-Slayer Deed.

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See you in game!

All music used in this and future episode provided by Kevin Macleod @
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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