Lotro: Evendim Slayer Deed Guide, Episode 2: Limrafn, Salamander & Tomb-defender

27 Feb


Todays adventure takes us to southern Evendim, Along the sandy beaches of the Brandywine River.. Man, Beast & Fell Spirits lurk in the shadows, preying on weary adventurers. In Episode 2/5 we take on 3 slayer deeds at once, Limrafn, Salamander & Tomb-defender.


Limrafn Slayer

The Limrafn are a lesser, weaker form of fell spirit. What draws them to Evendim in such numbers, not even the Elves can say. (You have encountered many of these strange lights in the lands of the Evendim, where great battles were fought in years long past. Though you have learned that they may be dispelled through force, you feel no closer to understanding their nature or purpose.)

Salamander Slayer

The Salamanders of Evendim have always been a rare sight. This odd offshoot of the family of dragons has a strong affinity for fire, which it wields with abandon against any enemy that disturbs it. (You have culled several of the salamanders that infest Evendim. The creatures have never been numerous, but now it seems that their numbers are steadily growing despite your efforts.)


Tomb-robbers have long sifted through the ruined paths of Annúminas and the tombs of the fallen Kings of old. The Rangers of the North ally with any who would take up arms to keep these thieves and scoundrels at bay. (Lore Curtesy of Lotro Wiki:

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All music used in this and future episodes provided by Kevin Macleod @
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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