Lotro: Evendim Slayer Deed Guide, Episode 3.. Kergrim Slayer

02 Mar


Many of the foul Kergrim appear to have infested the valley in which the tombs of the ancient Dúnedain kings can be found. No doubt the Rangers of the North are enraged by the potential desecration of their ancestors’ tombs by these beasts, but they can spare few men to root them out. ( The Kergrim seem to delight in consuming carrion and bones of any sort — including their own kind, should the opportunity arise. What perverse evil might have created such a repulsive creature, you cannot say, though many have fallen at your hand. Your efforts to destroy the Kergrim infesting Evendim have been fruitful, but some of the beasts persist in the area. With luck, the Rangers charged with guarding these lands will be able to eliminate the remaining Kergrim in due time.) Lore curtesy of Lotrowiki:


This is one of the more painful deeds in Evendim, if you are only doing deeds to gain Lotro Points.. then I would skip this one.. it is very do-able.. but quite difficult if someone else is farming  them.. If you are doing them for the traits.. then slay away!! Beware that some of these mobs are signature, so if you are on level, watch out!

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See you in game!

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