Lotro: Evendim Slayer Deed Guide, Episode 4

09 Mar

Before I make these posts, I always hit-up Google to find some Lore on the region involved with the video guides I create, to learn more about the world that Tolkien created. So I figured why not include links to the sites in my Blog post so that others can take a moment to learn more as well. For me this information enhances my immersion while im playing the game. So look for the highlighted text in my posts, yellow highlight indicates sources from outside the game, Orange indicates in game information. Plain red text hyperlinks go to off topic sites.


Our adventure today takes us to The Hills of Evendim, or Emyn Uial in Sindarin, a series of hills in northern Eriador. To find your way in game, head to the north-eastern part of the shire, and you will find a path leading to Oatbarton, the 1st populated area in Evendim. From there you will follow the road north till you come to where Lake Evendim drains into the Brandywine River, cross and stay north till you get to the crossroads in Parth Aduial, Then turn left to get to Tinnudir, on a small island in the eastern most part of Lake Evendim, from there, Elahndria will show you the way… Hope you enjoy the video!




Evendim Giant Slayer: Emyn Uial, Northern Evendim

A tribe of Stone-giants appears to have taken up residence in the western hills above Evendim. While not so great in stature as their legendary cousins in Misty Mountains, they are nevertheless powerful opponents when aroused and more than a match for any lone soldier. No-one seems to know where the allegiance of the giants lies — indeed, it seems likely that they serve none but themselves, given their capricious nature. Nevertheless, should these lands fall to the Enemy, the giants would doubtless be pressed into his service as terrible soldiers. ( )

You have taken the measure of the Stone-giants of Evendim — and they are quite tall. You had always imagined that something so large could not possibly move very fast, but you have been disabused of that notion quickly enough. The approach of a giant is often heralded by a boulder tumbling out of the mist towards a hapless traveller, or by the thunderous splintering of a shattered tree idly crushed by the creature’s passage. The passing of a giant, however, is universally defined by the momentous thud of its lifeless body crashing to the earth as you complete your handiwork. ( )

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All music used in this and future episode provided by Kevin Macleod @
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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