Lotro: Flash Back Friday! Into The Wild

10 Mar


Flash Back Friday is a new category here at the blog, where I showcase some of the older videos I have made, some go as far back as 2007. I will do my best to get one out every week, but we will see how it goes.

Open-mouthed smile …anyway.

These two videos were recorded back in 2012. Its part of the “Into The Wild” video series, A general exploration of Middle-earth, including some helpful information. It could be a reputation grind, a trophy hunt, repeatable quests, just about anything. In these two videos I show you what to expect when doing the Bree-land Daily Quests. Im pretty sure the quests, and the public instances are still the same as as you see in this video, However, The town of Bree was revamped after this video was recorded.. you can see what Bree looked like before they changed it. So glad I was able to capture this. To be able to look back at how it used to be is fun.

Anyway! Hope you enjoy the series!

Part 1: Includes run through Bree Town, Pre-Revamp & 3 Repeatable quests


Part 2: Covers remaining daily quests.

You can find more videos of the “Into The Wild” video series here at my blog  >>Click Here<<


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Safe Travels!

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