Lotro: Evendim Slayer Deed Guide, Episode 5! Goblin Slayer!

11 Mar

The final episode of The Evendim Slayer Deed guide is here. In this episode I show you the best place to grind out your Goblin Slayer Deed! This is a painful deed, due to the traveling you must do! But I will let Elahndria show you around! Stay Tuned, the next region I will be covering is The Misty Mountains!


The scourge of the goblins appears to be everywhere these days, even on the borders of the Shire itself. Rumour has it that in Evendim, a new breed of the foul creatures can be found in the odd-looking Boggarts — cowardly sniveling things that hunt in packs to bring down their prey. It seems that the goblins in southern Evendim have not yet come in great numbers; perhaps they are only here to harry the folk of the Shire and distract the Rangers from more important goals elsewhere. Nonetheless, the goblins use deep tunnels to move about beneath the sight of the keenest-eyed scout, so they can come forth suddenly in great numbers to wreak havoc upon the unprepared. ( )

There is little pride to be had in the defeat of the goblins — they are hardly suitable opponents — yet many a brave warrior has been overwhelmed by their numbers or cunning devices of war, so it is best not to underestimate them. You have taken a great toll upon the goblins in Evendim, but at times it seems like a futile gesture, given the rate at which they replenish their numbers. Only an army could hope to inflict lasting harm on their forces. ( )

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Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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