Lotro: Misty Mountains Slayer Deed Guide, Episode 1, Giants & Trolls & Bears, Oh! My!

12 Mar


As the poem goes.. Far over the misty mountains grim, To dungeons deep and caverns dim, We must away, ere break of day, To win our harps and Lotro Points from him! …The 1st episode of the Misty Mountains Slayer Deed Guide is here! In this episode we hunt down Giants, Trolls & Bears, 3 Deeds at once. This grind is intended for a small fellowship (Unless you are over leveled) Trolls & Giants are all elite level mobs, and are packed pretty tight in some places. You also have to keep an eye out for Roving Threats, level 100+ Boss Level mobs that appear in random places. You can also find rare spawns that drop shards easily in the Misty Mountains, When a white out blizzard appears, that means that a rare spawn creature is close by, if you are a hunter you can track these mobs, if not.. well, good luck..



Troll Slayer, Tier 1: 50 Kills, Tier 2: 100 Kills

As if the biting cold in the Misty Mountains wasn’t bad enough, it seems to have given rise to a particularly unpleasant breed of troll. These creatures thrive in the ice and frost, and they lurk here waiting to crush and devour any traveller unlucky enough to cross their paths. Your own prowess has served to protect you from them thus far, and you have made a fair tally against the monster. If only that were the end of it …With a cruelty as cold and sharp as the ice that coats teh peaks and ridges of the Misty Mountains, the trolls here have striven to destroy you and your companions — but in this aim, they have failed, and you have proven yourself their match and more. Yet they do not cower from you, for their hearts are frozen, and death holds no fear for these brutes, no matter how swiftly you deal it out.

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Bear Slayer, Tier 1: 80 Kills, Tier 2: 160 Kills

You have heard that the giants sometimes breed the largest bears as pets – and that would not surprise you. They grow them big here in the Misty Mountains – really big. You have never seen bears this large or aggressive before. Those rumours you had heard about the giants raising them as pets must have been true, for no other explanation makes sense. Nevertheless, you have taught the beasts to respect your prowess — though it has not improved their attitude towards you one bit.

( )

Giant Slayer, Tier 1: 50 Kills, Tier 2: 100 Kills

You had thought these great creatures must be legend and myth when you were told stories of them by your parents. Not anymore. Their strength is as great as their size, and their bravery that of a creature that knows it is unmatched. Nevertheless, your valour has brought down a fair number of these foes, despite their immensity. Since you first laid eyes upon these huge creatures as they stepped towards you through the driving snow, you have become something of an old hand at fighting them. Their size can be used against them, and their brains have definitely given way to brawn. Nevertheless, you know that the day you become careless or complacent is the day you will find yourself being pounded feet-first into a frozen grave.

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All music used in this and future episode provided by Kevin Macleod @
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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