Lotro! Flashback Friday! …Angry Hobbit Lass! #FBF

24 Mar

Back in November of 2013, Turbine answered the call of many angry Hobbit females, and changed the female hobbit walk animation. I remember I was at work and my Twitter started blowing up.. People complaining that the new animation was horrible! I was looking forward to going home and checking this out for myself, When I was finally able to login and make a female Hobbit, I get into game, press the auto-walk key, and instantly a song came to mind…

So I Just had to make a video to express my thoughts, and share the song that came to me…





They changed it back, and I don’t know if they made a new one or not.. let me know in the comments if they did, and how it went! …Happy Friday Everyone! Have a Safe Weekend!!

Music & Clips used in this episode:

Artist: Styx, Album: Kilroy Was Here, Released: 1983, Genre: Classic rock

Video Clip: Movie: Forrest Gump. Owned By: Paramount Pictures

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Posted by on March 24, 2017 in Flash Back Friday #FBF


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