Lotro: Misty Mountains Slayer Deed Guide, Episode 3, Warg & Worm Slayer

24 Mar

The last episode of the Misty Mountains Slayer Deed Guide is here! Its another 1, 2 punch.. 2 deeds at the same time! The North and South High pass region is one of the more dangerous areas in the Misty Mountains! It home to a massive Goblin Keep, and the entrance to !!Goblin Town! | !Goblin Town!! I have even seen 3 Roving Threats in my adventures in this region. The only areas more dangerous are those in the Helegrod region.. There be dragons in them hills! We start our adventure in Hrimbarg, you can find a swift-travel from Gloin’s Camp & Rivendell..


…But goblins wont be what we are Hunting in this episode, we will be hunting Wargs & Worms!

Warg Slayer 100/200

Where there are goblins, there are Wargs, and the Misty Mountains are no exception. Tempered by the deadly cold and harsh conditions, these Wargs have become particularly vicious and deadly, but you’ve found them to be passable opponents at best. Still it is best to be wary, for a pack of the beasts could tear even a stalwart hero apart. (LotroWiki)

Worm Slayer 100/200

It is said that worms have long lived in the far north, among the desolate and frozen wastes. Alas, it seems only natural then that, as the gates of Angmar have been laid open, they should have unleashed many of the creatures into the frozen peaks of the Misty Mountains. You have succeeded in winnowing their numbers some, but it seems that the pens of Angmar are inexhaustible — or the creates have begun to breed here in the mountains. That is an unsettling thought. (LotroWiki)



Now on to Angmar! then Forochel! and everything pre-level 50 will be complete!! I will update all appropriate pages tonight! Safe Travels!

Hyper-link Guide: Highlights = Game Info, Highlights = Lore Info, Highlights = Other Info.

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All music used in this and future episode provided by Kevin Macleod @
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


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