Lotro: Dungeons Of Angmar: Slayer Deed Guide, Urugarth! Episode 1, The Trolls Of Urugarth

31 Mar


So I have decided that when I have completed the original 50 Levels of the landscape Slayer Deed Guide, Im gonna go back and add the Dungeons of Middle-earth, and their slayer deeds, and add them to the Slayer Deed Guide. I will also be combining the “Into the Wild” video series with the Slayer Deed Guide to make Region Guides. Everything you need to know about each region of Middle-Earth. More information on Region Guides and what they include in a future post! Lets get on with the video! Sindaloria, my Minstrel will be walking you through the Strongholds Of Urugarth, to complete the Slayer Deeds for this region, So lets kick back and watch Episode 1 of 4 The Trolls Of Urugarth.


Trolls Of Urugarth Tier 1, 60 Kills (5 LP, Title: The Strong) Tier 2, 120 Kills (10 LP, Valor +1)

Hyper-link Guide: Highlights = Game Info, Highlights = Lore Info, Highlights = Other Info.

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