Lotro Angmar Slayer Deed Guide, Episode 3: Troll & Warg Slayer!

08 Apr

Welcome back to another episode of the Angmar Slayer Deed Guide. Todays adventure takes us across the waste-lands of Malenhad, to Maethad & Gorothlad, South-Eastern Angmar. To work on our Troll & Warg Slayer Deeds! 


Maethad is an area within Angmar in the south-eastern region.

This area is also referred to as “the Arena”, due to the layout, the placement of mobs, and that the name is Sindarin for “Battle”. Maethad borders to the area of Gorothlad at all sides. Watching-stones are standing guard by each of the two entrances, applying +5 Dread on adventurers, as if the elite trolls watching out for trespassers would not be enough.

Gorothlad is an area within Angmar in the south-eastern region.

Gorothlad is Sindarin for “Valley of Horror” which is an apt name. The area houses two large orc-camps, large populations of wargs are prowling the area, as well as cave-claws, and south-east-most is a large nest of elite fire-drakes. Gorothlad is also dotted with small camp sites, where goblin warg-keepers are found together with their wargs. Furthermore, this area completely surrounds the battle arena of Maethad, an area in itself.

Troll Slayer 50/100: The trolls of Angmar are the deadliest of all you have faced. Wielding arms and armour from the forges of the Enemy and possessed of a cruel cunning, even great heroes have fallen before their might.

Warg Slayer 100/200: The dreadful Wargs raised within the kennels of Angmar have known no other masters — until now.

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