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Everquest 2: Housing Videos


With the new level 85 heroic characters that Everquest 2 is giving away for free, I have decided to make a return to the realm of Norrath to play around with the in game housing. I decided to make videos of my current “Newbie” homes since I will be tearing them down and purchasing a much larger house to play with. The housing is pretty much the only reason I play EQ2, I love to build and decorate homes, ever since Ultima Online, housing has been an very important part of my game play!

I have decided to start doing commentary in my videos, it will take some time to get audio levels right, and set everything up properly so the sound quality is the best it can be, I’m only using a headset/microphone to record so I’m limited, I do not plan on spending hundreds of dollars on recording equipment, so the quality will only go so far. Please excuse the profanity, its not too bad, but sometimes I slip and a (as my nieces and nephews say) naughty word comes out Open-mouthed smile I hope you enjoy these videos.. like I said, they are more for my nostalgia than anything.

I’m really hoping LOTRO will adopt the same sort of system that EQ2 uses.. it allows you to place items anywhere, suspend them in mid air, resize, & more as you will see in the two videos below. You can adjust the video quality to 720p, and please click the like button!

Belawyn’s Inn

This is my very 1st house in EQ2 I built this house back when the game went free to play.

My Library/Alchemy Lab

This house was purchased because I started running out of room in my 1st house, owning houses in EQ2 is much different than other games, In EQ2 you get 1 house per character, so the opportunity to build multiple houses is only limited by how many characters you have.

Thanks as always for reading my blog and watching my videos! Cya in game!


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