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Turbine Point Grinding Guide

This guide is more of an explanation on how I grind Turbine Points, there are many guides
out there that claim to reap more TP per day than this guide.. but they are a bit complicated
and take time to learn, so that they are a fluid experience, this guide is kept simple, just kill
XXXX mob, at XXXX location.. move on. If you follow my guide to the letter you can gain 200+ Turbine
points per day, depending on how many times you wish to repeat this process per day, I do it once every two
days, 1/2 the deeds one day, and 1/2 the deeds the next day.. as to not get overwhelmed. The time it
takes to complete this process, depends on your play style, class, & gear you choose.

Setup: Second Account

For this guide your going to need a second account with a character at a minimum of level 30.
I use a hunter for the run speed increase, and the ports which speeds this process up quite a bit.
I would also choose the Explorer profession, to gather all the resources we come by on our adventures,
not only will you be earning TP in this guide, but each run should be netting you about 5-10 gold
depending on the prices of crafting materials on your server. Once you have your character made and
leveled to 30 i highly suggest gearing him out in the best gear you can find, My character has the
Great Barrow armor set, and crafted jewelry, this is important because the stronger you are, the
faster you will kill the mobs. I highly suggest using your 200 TP you earn on this account to purchase
the mount skill for this character, because this will speed you the process even more.

This works best if you have a second computer to run this character on, but you do not need it, you can run two clients on one pc, to do this, start up one account, let it start up and wait till your character is in game, then start up the second client, you can run two clients at the same time, but for some reason you cannot run two launchers at the same time, just be sure to wait for the 1st launcher to close, before you attempt to launch the second client, if you experience performance issues, just drop the graphics settings until you performance improves, you can also run the accounts in window mode, and shrink the second account to a window as small as possible, this will improve performance as well.

Setup: Main account: The account you want to earn Turbine Points on.

You need to create a new character, i suggest a hobbit for this guide because of the racial deeds,
Enmity of the Wolves & Enmity of the Spiders, which you will complete alongside other deeds. Level
this toon through the starter instance, you don’t have to worry about gear on this character, because
this toon is going to be on auto follow for the whole process. Be sure to Save all loot, and let
it stack in your bank, potions, crafting crit items, crafting mats, ect
You can sell or keep your task items. Don’t forget to open your gift box, you should reach level
17, which gives you all kinds of account bound goodies, such as slayer deed accelerators. Your 1st
gift box will contain a red gift, do not open this until your sure you will complete your deed
grind within the next 24 hours, this red gift is a temporary mount (24 hours) and the timer
ticks even when your logged out!

Below are the deeds that I complete in this guide, you will notice that some only require
you complete Tier 1 of the deed, these deeds are fillers, to push the total TP to 200, but
there are not enough mobs that spawn to warrant completing tier 2 of the deed, the time invested
just isn’t worth it. You can do these deeds in whatever order you choose, below are maps showing you the path i take, i save bree-land for last, because the mobs are higher level and by the time you get there your fresh toon should be level 14-15 and is less squishy.Once you have completed all the deeds, you delete the character, and repeat the process.

Shire: 65 TP


1.Shire Slug Slayer – Rushock Bog 30.3s, 74.5w (Level 7 Mobs) Tier 1 Only
2.Shire Wolf
– Dora Brownlock’s Farm 31.3s, 72.7w/Wolf Den 30.3s, 72.8w (Level 7 Mobs)
3.Shire Brigand – Narrowcleeve 34.6s, 66.6w (Level 11 Mobs)
4.Shire Spider – The Quarry 28.0s, 65.9w (Level 11 Mobs)
5.Shire Goblin – Golfimbul’s Hole 25.4s, 68.8w (Level 11 Mobs)

Ered Luin: 65 TP


1.Ered Luin Goblin – Orodost 19.9s, 101.8w (Level 6 Mobs)
2.Ered Luin Spider – Talath Ondren 19.4s,91.5w (Level 13 Mobs)
3.Ered Luin Brigand – Kheledul 21.5s, 92.3w (Level 11 Mobs)
4.Ered Luin Wolf  – Nen Hilith 29.4s,94.9w (Level 7 Mobs)
Ered Luin Hendroval – Tier 1 (Kill all Hendroval you see, while doing the other deeds, this
will get you tier 1, I wouldn’t mess with tier 2)

Bree-land: 60 TP


1.Bree Spider – Sprigley’s Farm/Sprigley’s Cellar 27.9s, 48.2w (Level 8 Mobs)
2.Bree Brigand – Blackwold Headquarters 26.9s, 44.6w (level 7 Mobs)
3.Bree Neeker – Halecatch Lake/surrounding Ruins 32.9s,52.1w (Level 15 Mobs)
4.Bree Orc – Cirith Nur Encampment 21.4s, 55.1w (Level 19 Mobs)

Race: Hobbit: I use a hobbit for hobbit run speed increase, if you use another race
you will have to look to Lotrowiki: ( )
to find your race deeds.

Enmity Of The Wolves: 5 TP
Enmity of The Spiders: 5 TP

(I was going to make a video, but it would have been just me running around showing you where to go, when a map would take less time to explain and be less boring.)

Good luck, and happy grinding, remember that you can do other things while you grind to make it less overwhelming, I watch Netflix on my laptop, and spam the quick shot key, 1/2 the time I’m not even looking at the screen.. over the next month and half I will be grinding tp. If your bored and want to hop in on Landroval and follow me around, please feel free, with more people, this process will go much faster.. not on Landroval? doesn’t matter, remember TP is account wide, so make some toons on Landroval, and join my personal kinship I have for my alts, (Wardens Of The Grey Wood) and come on and grind with me. The character I run on is Sambingals, and the name of my little TP hobbit is Turbinapointsetta look for them in game!

And as always thanks for reading the blog, and watching my videos! I appreciate every one of you!


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