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Trollshaws Slayer Deeds, and the best place to farm them out!

LOTRO: Trollshaws Slayer Deed Guide: Wolf Slayer


Here we go, the final episode of the Trollshaws Slayer Deed Guide.. from here we move on to Northdowns! Thanks for watching, and please remember to like and subscribe! share with your gaming friends, and as always, thanks for watching!

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LOTRO Trollshaws Slayer Deed Guide: Wight Slayer


Sorry I haven’t done any videos in about a week, been very busy.. about the time I’m able to sit down at the computer its time for me to jump into my leveling group.. I have tons of video recorded but just have to do some editing and upload. But things should be slowing back down now.. and to make up for the lost time, I’m releasing two videos today, the 1st video we continue with the Trollshaws and we hunt down some Wight’s. at about 7:30 – 8:00 the video sounds like its ending, but I waited for night to fall and added a bit on the end.. as a lot of mobs in the Trollshaws seem to increase in population at night. Well enjoy the videos! And thanks for watching! Cya in Game!

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LOTRO Trollshaws Slayer Deed Guide, Troll Slayer

The Trollshaws, in my opinion one of the most terribly designed zones in the game, I skip it completely and level in Evendim, anyways, Ill still show you where to farm your slayer deeds, so here is episode 2, Troll Slayer! Please remember to like and subscribe, and leave a comment! Thanks for watching!

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Trollshaws Slayer Deed Guide: Giant Slayer

Best Place To Farm Giants (& Worms) For The Trollshaws Slayer Deed, please be sure to like and subscribe! More Slayer Deed Locations coming soon!

Im working with new software so things will get better as a create new videos!

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