Lotro: My Adventure To Level Cap! (3/25/17)


Current Lotro Points currentLP(500LP VIP Stipend, & Completed Deeds, No cash spent except subscription)

1st things first. I have been playing Lotro since SOA Beta.. I have taken a few breaks here and there, but I get 9th year rewards, so we will just say I have been playing since launch.. I do not care much for the gear grind, Crafting Guild gear is enough for me, nor do I care much for dungeons and raids, I will try them now and then, probably more so with the featured instance system. I play Lotro for questing, exploration, & story. Do I want a challenge? Meh.. I don’t care either way, Do I want to grind bosses for tokens to get gear to do the next dungeon, to get the next gear? Hell No.. Got sick of that repetitive crap with World Of Warcraft… I just want to play a part in this virtual world we all play in. A citizen taking up arms to save his world from darkness. If you don’t like the casual approach to gaming, you probably wont like my videos. With that said, lets get on with my leveling rotation, Shall we?

Follow along with me as I work on leveling my characters to max level. I plan to boost all these characters with the Gift Of The Valar Upgrade, which requires them to be at least level 50. Rohan was awesome, the 1st time through, the second, not so much.. Rohan is a wall for me, so by boosting to level 95, I will skip Rohan. Ill be needing 2995 LP for each character, Some are already over level 95, My Captain will be the last one I pay real money for, the rest I will farm the Lotro Points using my Easy Lotro Point Grind method, My VIP stipend of 500 LP per month, and any deeds I complete on the way to leveling each one of these characters to 50. They will be boosted to level 95 in the order in which they appear on this page. As I make progress on these characters, I will update the page accordingly, the date on the title will indicate the last time I have updated the page. You can find update notes at the bottom of this page.


Elahndria ( Current Level: 100 ) Elf Hunter (Explorer Vocation, Tailor’s Guild )

Elahndria is my oldest character, and has been my main for 8 1/2 years.. The changes that came with Talent Tree’s made me loose interest in playing her for a while, but I still keep her leveled up, as she was designed to be my gatherer for all my alts. Her original home was the Firefoot server, but the population on that server was very low, and at that time, Landroval was the most populated server (according to the # of forum posts anyway) so in early 2008 I transferred her to Landroval, leaving all my alts behind. I originally picked the hunter as I love ranged combat, and for the swift-travel options. She is maxed out in the Tailors Guild, and has almost every recipe in the game, up to Rohan, including the Lothlorien recipes. She is also Kindred with almost every reputation up to Rohan, and will be working on completing her recipes and reputation in the future. She also has over 60 mounts, including some of the very 1st festival mounts from back in the day, mounts that are no longer obtainable unless you spend Lotro Points or Mithril Coins.


Sindaloria ( Current Level: 100 ) Woman Minstrel ( Armorer Vocation, Metalsmiths Guild )

I have always loved playing a healer in a group situation, so the decision to make a Minstrel was an easy one, Sindaloria was made to level with a friend of mine who still plays today. She is my new main character and I regret not making her sooner, as the survivability is very high, considering she only wears light armor. She is currently working on her Metalsmiths Guild Reputation, and will soon be a Master in the arts of metal craft.


Belahwen ( Current Level: 76 ) Woman Captain ( Historian Vocation, Scholar’s Guild )

Belahwen was made strictly for a crafting alt, she spent most of her time in Rivendell for many years, as she is a scholar. She was made back before the introduction of trait trees, back when leveling a Captain was a pain in the butt. I played her on and off until Trait Tree’s were introduced which changed the Captain quite a bit, leveling is much more fun now that she can lay waste to multiple mobs at once. She is an accomplished Scholar being maxed out with the Scholars Guild, and working on obtaining the few recipes she is missing (pre-Rohan) I look forward to leveling her to cap, as a group is always much better when you have a Captain in your fellowship.


Elandilmire ( Current Level:  ) Woman Captain ( Historian Vocation, Scholar’s Guild )

I may also include my newest addition to my army of 18 characters, Elandilmir Level 28 Champion, But I’m really not much for a melee class, I enjoy the Captain mostly for the healing and buffing aspect, But I’m having problems getting into the Champion. We shall see what the future brings. For now, he is in House Elf mode.


Clairawyn ( Current Level: 40) Woman Lore-Master ( Tinker Vocation, Jeweler’s Guild )

Clairawyn was my 1st character on Landroval. Little did I know when I started my character transfer for Elahndria to Landy, that it was going to take damn near a week back then. I managed to get her to 20 before Elahndria was reborn on Landroval, Then she started working on her cooking skills, and joined the cooks guild.. Which may soon change to the Jeweler’s guild, simply because I’m sick of making repasts.. I had to make an alt just for Farming to supply her with materials.. If I had known back then, what it took to level the Cooks Guild, I would never had started. With the Trait Tree changes, damage output on her is much more viable for me to decide to level her to 50 to be eligible for the Gift Of The Valar Upgrade.. for now she will stay the way she is until she is boosted to level 95, and then I will make the decision whether or not to change crafting guilds.


Gillgalion ( Current Level: 35 ) Elf Hunter ( Armsmen Vocation, Weaponsmith’s Guild )

Gillgalion is another character that was made just for crafting, He makes all my blades, currently working on maxing out his reputation with the weapon-smith’s guild, he is very close, but on hold for a while as he is the last character I will boost to level 95.

Other characters who may or may not be leveled to cap.


I was going to include my baby Beorning in this list, but she just hit level 20, and im sorry, but the Beorning class just feels like a Gimmick, At level 20 It feels like a Captain, that can shapeshift into a bear.. she will become one of my house elves, (Storage Characters) can never have enough storage with a 9 year old account! But you never know what the future will bring, changes to the class down the road, may peak my interest in her again.


*Removed From Leveling Rotation*

Ahdria ( Current Level: 45 ) Elf Runekeeper ( Woodsmen Vocation, Woodworker’s Guild )

When Moria came out, another healer class was a bit of exciting news for me..  So of course I had to make one. Yea, yea.. they are lore breaking.. but a caster, mage like class was needed in Lotro, and I think they did a good job working them into the game. Leveling her is going slowly, as she is only an alt, one of many.. but she will be level cap one day. She is also a woodworker, and the one responsible for making Elahndria’s Bow’s. and Sindoloria’s Instruments. At current she spends most of her time in Esteldin, at the crafting hall.

Im hoping to have all this done by the new year, 2018

Update Notes: 3/25/17 Added Current LP Section, (38)Clairawyn Achieved level 40, 3/19/17: (98)Elhandria achieved Level 100, (38)Clairawyn achieved Level 39, Removed Ahdria From leveling rotation, The Runekeeper just feels slow and boring, time to move on. Added news Champ might be added to leveling rotation, we shall see. Added new photo of Clairawyn. Updated Clairawyn’s Crafting Guild Status to Jeweler’s Guild. Updated page description & added SOA photo.


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