Other Lotro Series


Some of these videos are very old, I’ve been making Lotro & Game Videos for years. If things in game are no longer like what they show in these videos, I apologize. These are either canceled series, or Beta videos that are common knowledge by now.. ect. Some of these playlists will probably restart once the slayer deed guide is caught up to current in game zones.

Lotro Reputation Guides: Reputation guides made by me. More Coming Soon



Lotro Mounted Combat (Rohan Release): My hunter in Rohan taking down Warbands


LOTRO Riders Of Rohan Beta!: Videos from ROR Beta.


LOTRO F2P Beta Intro Revamps: When the game went free to play, alot of things changed. Including the New Player instance for each race.


LOTRO F2P Beta Videos: Into Enedwaith: Free To Play Beta. Exploration


A Journey Through Middle Earth: Series Canceled: My attempt at Machinima. Took way too much editing.


Promotional, Contest & Giveaway Videos:


In Game Festivals & Related:


All Playlists: Link to all my playlists on YouTube.


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