Virtual World Avatars

Looking to find me in game? Here is a list of my characters I play most, I mostly play MMO’s, but I also enjoy a good single player RPG, I mostly play female characters, because female avatars tend to look better than their male counterparts.. but I do have male characters as well.. Feel free to add any of these characters, and say hi! See ya in game!


Lord Of The Rings Online: Server, Landroval, Main: Elahndria, Hunter


Lord Of The Rings Online: Server, Landroval Alt: Belahwen, Captain


Lord Of The Rings Online, Server Landroval, Alt: Sindaloria, Minstrel


Guild Wars 2: Server, Henge Of Denravi Main: Askanna Moldarin, Ranger


The Secret World: Server: Arcadia, Main: Neffertiti, Blood & Blade

Maling Underwood ESO

Elder Scrolls Online, Maling Underwood, NA Server

Anu_Naki BDO

Black Desert Online, Anu_Naki, NA Server

Cya In Game!!


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