Lotro: Angmar Slayer Deed Guide, Episode 4 Uruk & Orc Slayer

15 Apr

In this episode of the Angmar Slayer Deed Guide, we hunt down some Uruk. There are roughly 15 Uruks on Angmar’s Landscape, So we hop back and forth from Mor Maudhúl & Carn Dum. Should be enough to keep you killing Uruks all day long. You can also get some counts on your Orc Slayer Deed as well. Not the best place tho, Check out this episode: Click Here for the best way to complete your Orc Slayer deed. Our starting point is Gath Forthnír, in north-eastern Angmar. Best way to get there is to ask a Hunter to take you to East Angmar. If you are on Landroval, Hit me up. I can port you out there.


, The mighty Uruks form the elite forces of the armies of Angmar. Having defeated so many of thier kind in battle, your name now commands a certain respect — and even deeper enmity — among their ranks.

Hyper-link Guide: Highlights = Game Info, Highlights = Lore Info, Highlights = Other Info.

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All music used in this and future episode provided by Kevin Macleod @
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


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